Filter Science specializes in room filters which protect against chemical warfare and biological weapons in a bomb shelter or a panic room.


Operating Your Safe Room, Bomb Shelter,
Panic Room, or Fallout Shelter Filter

Operating your filter to protect your loved ones from
Nuclear Weapons dust, Biological Warfare and Chemical Weapons

Every Filter Science unit is built to exacting standards to assure trouble free operation.  Built into each unit is the ability to utilize standard 110 Volt AC common house current or DC battery current.  At a moments notice, you may chose between either AC or DC power by a simple switch selection.

The NBC 450 is equipped with two 6 inch air intakes and each of these intakes has its own Stainless Steel valve.  One valve will bring outside air into the filter and the other will bring inside room air into the filter.  Each valve can be easily operated between fully open and fully closed.  This added safety feature on the NBC 450 allows the user to select between outside air, inside air, or an infinite combination of the two.

There may be an occasion when you want to shut off any opening to the outside which may depressurize your safe room, bomb shelter or panic room.  For instance: If there is a power failure and you do not have your backup batteries ready you would not want your room to depressurize while you were making the proper connections.  Simply close the valve to the outside to prevent de-pressurization of your safe room and you can buy the time it takes to make your connections.

In another instance, you may wish to allow someone to enter your safe room, panic room, or bomb shelter, after it is sealed.  You may then choose to filter 50% room air and 50% outside air.  This eliminates any possible contamination which may have come into the room when you opened the door, or was brought into the room on the clothes of the person entering.  During a terrorist event, these features can protect you against other unplanned eventualities.

Every Filter Science filter comes equipped with pre-filters, a Nuclear Grade particulate filter and a very densely packed highly specialized carbon filter.  During an event, these filters may begin to become loaded or clogged.  As this happens, the air which moves through the filters can significantly decrease, which can place lives at risk.  With this in mind, the engineers at Filter Science designed a power reserve into the filter blower.  Now, with this advanced technology, as your filter becomes loaded you can simply increase the speed of the fan and retain the original air  output. This assures your safe room, panic room, or bomb shelter will always have a constant supply of clean air.  All Filter Science units come standard with this safety feature.  It operates in either AC or DC mode.

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